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Planning A Sweet 16th Party


Is your daughter turning 16? Does she want a party? Or maybe you want to surprise her! We’ve put together some ideas that will ensure that any sweet 16th party you throw will be an absolute success that will see the birthday girl and her friends having a blast.

Invites, Music & food
Send out your invitations early so that you can be sure that all her friends will be able to make it to the party. Make a list of her closest friends and get both their addresses and email addressed in case you decide to send a simple e-vite for the party. Keep the invitations simple and festive. Pick a colour palette that features the birthday girl’s favourite colour and throw in a few contrasting colours for the text. Some options are a hot pink and green or blue and orange.

It isn’t really a party unless everyone’s out on the dance floor shaking it off to their favourite song! Having decided on a date for the party your next move should be to look into companies that offer mobile dj hire’s. If you are interested you can visit this website https://dashevents.com.au/photobooth-services/.

Book early to avoid disappointment and ask around for recommended companies and names. You can also put together a playlist of your own – most mobile DJ hire Melbourne companies allow you to select what music the dj will play at your event.

You don’t want to spend the day of the party running around preparing food and cleaning up after. Set up a simple trestle table and lay out plastic or paper plates and cups. You could easily find some pretty one’s to match your colour scheme at the local grocery store or party supplies shop. If you decide not to get the party catered make sure you pick two or three food items that are easy to prepare, keep well and do not require heating or that will not melt. It might be a good idea to prepare the food a day or two in advance so that on the day of the party all you need to do is heat the food and dish it out. Alternatively consider ordering pizza! 

The Cake
The birthday cake is arguably the best part of any sweet 16th party! Find out what the birthday girls favourite flavours are and place an order with your favourite local bakery to avoid accidental baking mishaps at home! Most local bakeries offer delivery services that make your life much easier and planning the party a breeze!

Finally, remember this day is one that the birthday girl will want to remember forever, so have fun and make some great memories!